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The Get-Around-Town-Comfortably Backpack



"Best Everyday Backpack" Nominee

"The Able Carry Daily Backpack combines simple and efficient design with reliable construction that will withstand daily life’s varied demands. The pack features a custom A-frame suspension designed to reduce bounce and keep weight off your shoulders, as well as just enough pockets to keep things tidy without becoming cluttered. Available in Active (X-Pac) and Casual (1000D Cordura nylon) versions, the pack’s clean design suits work environments well, while its simple versatility embraces life beyond the daily grind too."

- Carryology

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A-Frame Built for Comfort 

More than just good looks (though there's plenty there), our A-Frame system is built for comfort; A 4 part machine working together to give you a smoothest ride under any load. Here's how:

1. Tapered Panels keeps things tight.

2. Anchor Straps prevents sagging,

3. Firm back panel adds back support.

4. Padded Wide Straps optimised for comfort.

"Daily Carry Perfection"

There are certain features that any carry that is intended to be used every day must have and, it’s fair to say, the Able Carry Everyday Carry Backpack meets and exceeds them all. With a design ethos of being simple, sturdy and made with the city in mind, this excellent looking accessory will deliver comfort, functionality and all the storage requirements that you can possibly ask for.

- The Coolector

2017: Prototype Testing at Clockenflap Music Festival

2018: Backer Meetup Hong Kong

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Key Leash

Q: Is there a key leash?

A: Yes, it is located in the front quick access pocket.

Discrete Pocket

Q: Where and what is the .5 pocket?

A: We’ve included a hidden velcro pocket at the top of the backpack with enough space for cards, folded cash, and other small valuables. Watch this video for how to access it.

Side Open

Q: Does the Daily open flat?

A: The Daily does not open fully. It's designed to be quickly accessible from the top or side rather than a 'full-flat' packing bag.

Removable Back Support

Q: Is the back panel removable?

A: Yes, the back panel is removable via a velcro flap.

Adjustable Sternum Strap

Q: Is the sternum strap adjustable?

A: Yes, simply adjust them up or down along the slider for your perfect fit

Removable Sternum Strap

Q: I don’t use sternum straps, can I take them off?

A: Certainly! The sternum straps are removable.

Empty Daily XPAC

Q: What does the Daily look like when packed lightly?

A: Here is the Daily Active standing up on its own when empty.